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Sea Witch Hot Tips: Heat Wave Edition

We have been experiencing an unprecedented heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, where most homes and businesses are built without consideration for extremely high temperatures. Many people in this region do not have access to air conditioning and have never dealt with heat like this, so while some of the following tips may seem obvious, a lot of people are learning the basics right now! It is still quite early in the Summer, so we should all be preparing to keep ourselves safe and well through the rest of the hot season.

How to Stay Cool in the Heat

  • Block sunlight from as many windows as possible. Using corrugated cardboard from your recycling bin will help keep the heat out, but even tacking sheets over the windows is better than letting the sun cook the inside of your house!

  • Open windows and doors in the evening as soon as it's cooler outside than in, and then close everything up in the morning before it starts warming up again.

  • Utilize the cooling power of water! DRINK, spritz, mist, sprinkle, rub ice cubes over your face and pulse points, or freeze a damp hand towel and wear it around your neck.

  • Turn off lights and electronics! They create heat! 

  • Know the warning signs for heat exhaustion & heat stroke. This heat can be life-threatening, especially to people taking SSRIs, people with certain disabilities, and the elderly. Make sure your loved ones stay hydrated and cool.

  • Use these Sea Witch approved heat wave hacks -- 

Keep Facial Toner in the Fridge!

For a cooling, witch hazel and rosewater mist with beneficial aloe and calming lavender, store your Soothing Facial Toner in the fridge! It'll be nice and refreshing when you need a spritz. You'll never go back.

Trade Candles & Incense for Scented Veils

If it's too hot to dream of burning anything - maybe not even incense - switch to Scented Veils! We recommend misting your pillows and curtains, and letting the sun bring out the fragrance over time. Once it's cooler in the evening and you can open the windows, the breeze will give it another boost. 

Herbal Renewal Scented Veil Room Spray

Take Cool Showers & Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Stay safe and remember to conserve water by taking quick refreshing showers throughout the day if you feel overheated. Don't even dry off, just let the water help your body release heat into the air. And choose a soap that can easily remove oily sun block without drying out your skin! Our nourishing Frith Body Soap is packed with moisturizing oils and soothing oatmeal. It has the silkiest lather we've ever touched.

A creamy yellow bar of Sea Witch Botanicals soap sits on the beach, lapped by waves.

 Stay safe out there, Sea Witches! We love you!

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