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Reflection, Journal, & Divination Prompts for the Wheel of the Year

Whether you celebrate all eight sabbats on the Wheel of the Year or just a few, these seasonal celebrations can become useful markers of pause throughout the year’s constant flow of change. As we celebrate the Earth’s transformations, we are met with space for reflection. How do the waves of our lives mirror the shifting seasons outside? 

As you consider the moment of life you’re in, it can be helpful to evaluate your needs and set intentions for how you want to continue cultivating yourself in your world. 

We’ve compiled a list of eight questions for each sabbat to guide the moments of introspection they offer. Just like our signature Wheel of the Year incense collection, this is intended to be a set of tools for living more in tune with nature. They can be used as prompts to muse on while journaling, practicing divination, meditating, making art, or for contemplation throughout your celebrations.

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Key ideas for Yule: stillness, rest, reflection, honoring the dark, & renewal

  1. What kind of rest do I need most right now? (Consider body, heart, mind, and spirit)

  2. What can stillness bring me?

  3. What is there to celebrate? Where can I invite gratitude?

  4. What awakens in darkness? What or who awaits to meet me in the dark?

  5. What have I been carrying? Is there anything I can lay down to rest? What do I feel ready to release?

  6. Where do I notice a sense of renewal? What does renewal feel like in my world?

  7. How can I best nourish myself right now?

  8. What (or who) is asking to be honored? (Consider self, community, and planet)


Key ideas for Imbolc: awakening, cleansing, resetting, kindling, & honing skills

  1. What needs cleansing in my world right now? How can I clear my spaces (internally & externally)? 

  2. Where have I been feeling stagnant? How can I breathe new life into these spaces?

  3. How have I transformed in winter? What wisdom can I harvest from this season?

  4. What within me desires renewal? What desires release?

  5. Are there new skills or projects I want to begin work on? 

  6. What within me is itching to grow? What do I want to kindle, and what wishes to kindle in me?

  7. What inspires me? What is my relationship with inspiration?

  8. How do I wish to calibrate my compass for the coming year?


Key ideas for Ostara: birth, refreshment, fertility, emergence, balance, restoration, & play

  1. How is my energy? What do I feel excited to create?

  2. What feels rich and fertile within me? How can I best harness this momentum?

  3. What is nourishing my vitality right now? What ideas or practices feel restorative to me?

  4. What has been in gestation within me? What feels ready to bloom?

  5. Where do I feel softness? What is tender within me still?

  6. What feels playful to me? Where can I invite creativity and play?

  7. How is my inner child? How can I nourish them this season?

  8. Where in my life do I need more balance?


Key ideas for Beltane: creativity, fertility, prosperity, relationships, sensuality, & sexuality

  1. What is my relationship to sensuality/sexuality?

  2. Where do I feel momentum bursting? What do I want to manifest or bring to life?

  3. What relationships do I wish to strengthen right now?

  4. How often do I visit with my animal side? What makes me feel alive and wild? How can I give life to my wild, uninhibited, animal self?

  5. What challenges am I meeting? Where am I building strength?

  6. How does my body feel? How do I practice connecting to my body? What is this relationship like?

  7. What kind of stability do I want to build towards?

  8. Is there anything I may need to leave behind in order to embrace a new creative season?


Key ideas for Litha: abundance, production, levity, joy, expansion, adventure, & delight

  1. Consider summer as a season of production. What do I feel inspired to create? 

  2. What feels fully ripe in my world? 

  3. What is my relationship with abundance? Where do I see bounty in my world?

  4. How do I draw power? What practices make me feel strong and vital?

  5. What does fire represent to me? How do I harness its energy in my life?

  6. What does water represent to me? How can this help me balance summer’s heat?

  7. Am I experiencing any turning points in my world?

  8. How do I experience adventure? What adventures are calling to me now?

Lammas / Lughnasadh

Key ideas for Lammas: harvest, reciprocity, generosity, appreciation, gratitude, & sacrifice

  1. What have I grown over the last season(s)? What is ready to harvest? What needs more tending?

  2. Where do I feel the most enjoyment in my life?

  3. What is bountiful in my world right now? How do I want to use & share this wealth?

  4. What goals did I set in winter? What have I accomplished since then? 

  5. How can I begin to enjoy the fruits of my labor? 

  6. What skills or talents would I feel delighted to sharpen?

  7. What purpose do I feel I am working towards/with? Is there anything I may need to depart from as I pursue this?

  8. What do I appreciate most in my world right now?


Key ideas for Mabon: harvest, abundance, balance, transformation, grounding, & release

  1. Where in my life do I need more balance? How can I create this for myself?

  2. How can I connect with my darker side? How do they wish to be honored?

  3. What is transforming in my world right now? How can I embrace the process and wisdom of change?

  4. What am I continuing to harvest? How can I celebrate these ripened fruits?

  5. How do I want to use/share the bounty of my world?

  6. What do feel I most grateful for right now?

  7. What practices, ideas, or relationships feel nourishing to me? Which spaces within me do they feed?

  8. How can I best care for myself as the shadows begin to lengthen?


Key ideas for Samhain: harvest, completion, transition, ancestors, darkness, decay, & death

  1. What is my relationship with death?

  2. What is decaying within me? Which parts of me have been released? How do I want to honor this?

  3. Who are the ancestors I feel connected to? (Consider blood, spiritual, and land ancestors)

  4. Who are the ancestors I want to build relationship with?

  5. What have I accomplished this year? Which are the final fruits in my harvest for the season?

  6. Where do I feel a sense of completion? 

  7. How do I feel as I enter a season of darkness? (Consider body, heart, mind, and spirit)

  8. What practices or ideas help me to feel grounded? What are the most supportive rituals or routines during this transitive season?

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