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Top 3 Ways to Reduce Plastic















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When you take a look around your workplace and living space, what are your personal and home care products packaging type? Most likely you’ll find that you are surrounded by plastic. In the modern era, companies capitalize on offering their products in low-cost plastic, but by choosing to do this, there are serious negative externalities to the environment and health of our ecosystem. 
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Because plastic is so lightweight it travels quickly and is swept into the environment where it stays indefinitely until a caring being properly recycles it. Even then it will be down-cycled into another plastic product of lesser value, such as a plastic bottle being turned into a plastic bag.

Our top 3 ways to reduce plastic:

  • Invest in reusable! Whether it’s your water bottle or grocery bag, cutting down on single-use plastic and convenience has a measurable environmental impact by reducing the amount of packaging that is recycled or put in the landfill. It also creates a social impact because others around you note your commitment and evaluate their choices.
  • Buy raw and in bulk! Let’s face it, when you buy food that doesn’t come in a plethora of packaging, it’s likely healthier food. If your grocery store has a bulk section, bring your containers, take the tare weight, and fill away. And if your grocery store does not offer a bulk section, ask them to! You can ditch the produce bags by giving your fruits and veggies a quick wash with our produce wash.
  • Push yourself to prepare yourself! A little planning can go a long way in reducing your environmental footprint. Log a grocery list to stay strategic during your shopping trip. Simple practices like refraining from buying a coffee unless you have your reusable cup can help change your behavior over time. And always have a few extra containers and bags on deck to reduce your single-use waste.
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