Sea Witch Botanicals is now certified B Corp by the B Lab.-Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals is now certified B Corp by the B Lab.

B the change you wish to see. Sea Witch Botanicals is now a certified B Corporation!

We are proud to announce that after a vigorous application, our purpose of using business as a force for good is strengthened by the B Corp certification. We are dedicated to promoting better living conditions for people and the planet, which is why we feel our partnership with B Corporation is such a good match.  

What’s a B Corp?

B Corps are businesses which are positively impacting social and environmental good, and have a sustainable business model so they can keep helping just causes. B Corporations are certified by the B Lab, an organization that scores companies based on their commitment to impactful social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Impact is measured by the B Impact Assessment, which awards points based upon governance, workers, community and environmental impact. By amending our business model with our B Corp Purpose Clause, we are legally confirming our responsibility to all stakeholders including our community and environment alongside our profitability.

At Sea Witch Botanicals, we always act upon the "triple bottom line" of placing social and environmental performance with equal importance to economic prosperity. Now, by obtaining the B Corp Certification, we have improved our business framework and strengthened our values by being held to a third party standard.

We thank our employees, customers, wholesalers, suppliers and all other loyal supporters for their commitment to our company’s mission. Now self-care means caring for the environment and each other.


Nature Misses You.™

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