October Horoscopes by Sara Galactica-Sea Witch Botanicals

October Horoscopes by Sara Galactica

Below are horoscopes for each of the signs and The Collective for the lunation beginning with the New Moon in Libra (9/28/19 at 11:26AM GMT) by Sara Galactica. Sara is a writer and tarot reader based in the Pacific Northwest. She is the creator of Tarot Ecosystems, author of The Sweet/Nothing poetry-based oracle, and co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot.

Each horoscope includes a series of affirmations, plus questions for reflection. Take what you need and leave the rest.

The Collective

Our strength is only as good as our will. 

Our resilience relies on our presence. 

We can only face what we are willing to see. 

May we tend to our hearts and strengthen our spirits. 

  • What assumptions do you need to revisit? 
  • How can you care for yourself in ways that help you stay engaged and active without burning out? 


My harvest is abundant. 

I gather what I can. I share my excess. 

I honor what remains after the reaping by giving it back to the earth. 

May I know what to leave behind that it may nourish what comes next. 

  • What do you need to trim away or set aside?
  • How might what you leave behind be nourishing to what you keep? 


I am practicing the art of allowing. 

I grant myself the grace to not know how, but to try anyway.

I am a student of succumbing to the truth of what I need. 

May I give myself the time to learn. 

  • What truths need your attention now? 
  • What support do you need as you learn how to allow the change that comes from such allowing? 


I am learning how to rest before I need to. 

I renew my commitment to care for myself as I am. 

I don’t need to meet any goal or deadline to be worthy of my own love. 

May I know deeply that being beloved to myself doesn’t come at the expense of seeing the beloved in others. 

  • How can you prioritize rest and regeneration? 
  • In what ways do you put pre-conditions on treating yourself with grace and love? 


I am ready to loosen my grip on what has hurt me. 

I am ready to bathe in the waters of renewal. 

I wash away my attachment to what feels too heavy to carry. 

May my burdens feel lighter when I step out of the water. 

  • In what ways might you be ready to reassess your relationship to the past? 
  • What action can you take— ceremonial or otherwise— to wash away what you don’t need? 


I am ready to open myself to a new way of knowing. 

I prepared to know myself in a new way. 

I am listening deeply to what my heart needs. 

May the pace of my pulse be the wisdom that guides me: Steady now. Don’t rush. Keep going. 

  • Do you stay busy to avoid hearing what you want? 
  • What support do you need for aligning the pace of your life as it is with the pace of the life you want? 


I am pulling back the layers of my being. 

I am discovering the truth of what I’m made of. 

I know this process requires persistence. 

May I muster my grit and stay the course. 

  • What help do you need as you explore beyond your limits? 
  • How can you show yourself compassion and care as your work intensifies? 


I am ready to shift perspective. 

I can’t appreciate what I can’t see. 

I commit to prioritizing joy. 

May I give myself the gift of gratitude. 

  • What practices help you see what is going well? 
  • Who can help you prioritize celebration and joy? 


I am the messenger. 

My clarity cuts through the chaos. 

I do not fear my own voice. 

May the air I breathe power my truth. 

  • How might you synthesize the information you’ve gathered? 
  • What truths are you particularly equipped to tell? 


The ground is still soft, so I dig. 

I don’t need to go far. 

I am planting hope today.

May I delight when it blooms tomorrow. 

  • What can you nurture now that will bring you joy in the seasons to come? 
  • What practices and people help you feel hopeful for the future? 


I feel connection in my bones. 

I am part of the universal Whole. 

I don’t need to see the strings to know that I am tied to all that is. 

May I bask in the glory of my belonging.

  • What is helping you feel connected? 
  • What practices and support can you establish now to carry that connection into the seasons to come? 


I choose valor. 

I embody nobility. 

My integrity is evergreen. 

May I forgive myself for my mistakes and honor my commitment to try my best. 

  • What past transgressions do you need to finally allow yourself to forgive? 
  • What support do you need to receive your own mercy? 


I am embracing the wisdom of my inner-child. 

I prioritize curiosity over certainty. 

I find value in seeing the world through fresh eyes. 

May I grant myself permission to play. 

  • How might you nurture the curiosity of your inner child? 
  • What self-imposed beliefs can you interrupt by adopting a beginner’s mind? 

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