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Moms are Magic

(Our founder and master crafter, Alesia, with mama Marian.)

"The wonderful thing about moms is they can be anyone, and they aren’t always the ones who birthed us."

We all begin our journey nestled inside of a uterus, feeling warm and protected with no notion of the world to which we are about to be born. For those few months, the person who carries us is the only one who knows us. We may hear the faint mumbles from the outside world but nothing compares to the sound of the heart beat all around us, giving life. With their own energy and strength this person builds us up, preparing us to be strong for the battles ahead. And for many of us, this person will be Mom. But not for all. 

See, the wonderful thing about moms is they can be anyone, and they aren’t always the ones who birthed us. Moms are the people who define sacrifice for others. They are the people who give up parts of themselves and give it to the next generation with a proud smile on their face. They are the people who shield us from danger, heal our wounds, and protect us at all costs. 



This day celebrates all the good moms, whether here or passed away. This day celebrates the moms who wished and hoped and waited, who tried and tried again, researched, applied and anticipated, or “oops!” made a human without even trying. This day is for moms who lost their babies. This day is for the moms who didn’t carry their babies inside their bodies, the ones who cared for their partners as their babies formed within, or could only cherish sonograms shared by the surrogate. This day is for mothers who chose to do one of the most beautiful things humans do: adopt. This day is for moms who are transgender. This day is for the neighborhood moms who open up their wings and collect the stragglers, feeding their kids’ friends and keeping a watchful eye. It’s for the aunties and grandmas and big sisters who raised you. This day is for those people who embodied motherhood for us, whether they birthed us or not.



Today we celebrate moms who led by example, moms who healed generational wounds, moms who refused to make the mistakes of their own mothers, and we call those moms Magic. We lift up the moms who gave of themselves until it hurt, and the moms who asked for help when it was so hard to be humble, the moms who stayed home, the moms who worked multiple jobs, the moms who escaped abusive relationships and oppressive communities, and the moms who didn’t escape, and didn’t survive. We lift up all the mamas who loved their hardest, and we offer them sweet smelling offerings of gratitude, wherever they are. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have a mother figure in your life, remember to tell her you love her in her favorite love language this Mother’s Day. 



Here are some ideas for celebrating Mom based on her zodiac sign!


My mom is a Water sign. (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

  • Water signs like depth. They are often bored by small talk, and intrigued by what might be hiding beneath. They tend to be sentimental and emotional, so skip the Hallmark card and write from the heart, or get real with a face to face. Bring up that one time mom said “you’ll thank me one day” and admit she was right! Dig into old photo albums and frame up a classic of the two of you from back in the day. Or tell her something juicy she can’t ground you for anymore because you’re grown! 

My mom is an Air sign. (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

  • Air signs are thinkers and doers. An air sign mama might be exactly the type of person who would enjoy doing an escape room with their kiddos! Or even just sitting down to a good old fashioned game of Scrabble. In any case, be present with this mama, and use your brains together. She’ll love it.

My mom is an Earth sign. (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

  • Earth signs are all about the physical world, so give this mom the best of it. Cook for her, run her a bath, or even take her hiking. Get her a gift certificate for a massage, get a mani/pedi together, or put on your sun hat and help her weed her garden. 

My mom is a Fire sign. (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

  • Fire signs are passionate, creative, and competitive, so choose an activity where mom can ROAR! A good family game of Cranium might be just the thing. They also tend to enjoy being the center of attention, so if they have a good sense of humor, you could even consider organizing a roast. ;)



If you are a mom, however you are a mom, we salute you. Happy Mother's Day!

(P.S. it's never the wrong time to get Mom the Mother's Day Gift Set!)

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