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Midsummer Moons and the Coup of the Holly King

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Introducing the Strawberry Moon Ritual Bath Soak!

Two astrological events coincide today, both indicating the start of a cycle: a "ring of fire" solar eclipse, and a new moon. 

Every month when the moon is fully hidden in its own shadow, we are extended a cosmic invitation to embrace new beginnings. The new moon means it's time to set goals and intentions, start new projects, and say yes to new opportunities! And with the added energy of a solar eclipse, we are emboldened to nurture those intentions as they take root, growing them stronger as the moon waxes again to her fullest. Because then, just after the Summer Solstice, we will be blessed with the full Midsummer Strawberry Moon. 

Return to the Water, Reach Out for the Moon

New and full moons are powerful occasions for ritual bathing, especially when we use full moons to reflect on what we manifested under the new moon. You may wish to revisit the ritual bathing instructional guide shared by our resident grief coach and plant alchemist, Carmen, if you'd like to give yourself that time and compassion tonight. (Or any night!) 

And although no particular items or products are required to build yourself a ritual bath, we are excited to present our second seasonal iteration of the Ritual Bath Soak in anticipation of Midsummer. We've named it in honor of the Strawberry Moon, and we've packed it with powerful herbs intended for deep healing and self-love. 


But! We're not quite there yet. We've got two weeks left of lengthening days before the Holly King overthrows the Oak King on the Summer Solstice. 

Get in Sync with the Seasons

You see, in Celtic folklore, the longest day of the year is the annual occasion of a great battle between the Oak King and the Holly King. This is the day the balance of power shifts from light to dark, marking the change from lengthening days to lengthening nights. After the Summer Solstice, the Holly King rules, and he slowly fills the days with darkness until the Winter Solstice, when the Oak King overthrows him in battle once again.

The Solstice falls on June 20th this year, on the very last day of Gemini season. Solstice festivities are mirthful and bright, often stemming from celebrations of fertility, and may include ritual invocations of love and abundance involving flowers and fire. (Witch lore says to harvest your herbs before dawn for best results!)

Once the Holly King retakes his throne, we will bid farewell to social, inquisitive Gemini season and roll into the tender, contemplative season of The Crab. It was already bound to be an emotional time, but the full moon arrives just four days in, washing up a whole ocean's worth of feelings onto shore. 

The Strawberry Moon will challenge us to get real with our pain and struggles, to reflect on the work we've been doing for ourselves since the new moon, and to find harmony with the natural rhythms of this planet. 

Whether you're trying our Strawberry Moon Ritual Bath Soak or building your own ritual bath with plants you gather at home, you are encouraged to perform these acts of love for yourself with intention and compassion. Claim the time and space to create a sanctuary where you can genuinely process and release. 

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Remember to connect, and feel how it feels to be a part of it. 

1 comment

Shannon F
Shannon F

Thank you for your work at reminding us of these natural cycles and their impact upon us. Whether we take time to acknowledge them or not it’s reassuring that these things happen with or without our presence of mind. Your writings help me connect with that inner wisdom stirring under the surface ~ I appreciate everything you Witches do!!

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