Collection of Taurus Season products on marble background including incense, soaps, candles, sprays, lip tints, lip balms, perfume tins, and oil droppers.

A Taurus Season Product Guide

Greetings, Sea Witches, and welcome to Taurus Season!

In this time of the Venusian Bull, we’ve gathered a few selections from our shop that support the qualities Taurus brings. Sensual yet practical, grounded yet dreamy, Taurus season reminds us to connect with our core values before we take action and encourages us to enrich ourselves with experiences of pleasure, nourishment, and delight. It's a time for practicing sensual sustainability and for nurturing the Earth elementals of our worlds: our bodies, our homes, and our Planet.

Here are a few items we think suit this season best.


Scents of the Season


Herbal Renewal gift set with incense, spray, solid perfume, and candle, pictured with fresh lavender and grapefruit, incense and candle burning.

An intimate blend of Patchouli, Lavender, and Citrus, Hermitage™ invites you into the warmly-lit cave of the self. Calming and connective, this earthly blend is sweet and deep, washing you with the safety of presence. Use for grounding, meditation, and tuning into your inner realm.

*Available as incense, candle, scented veil, and solid perfume.


Herbal Renewal™

Herbal Renewal gift set with incense, spray, solid perfume, and candle, pictured with fresh lavender and rosemary, incense and candle burning.

Uplifting, spicy, and floral, Herbal Renewal™ is an invigorating blend of Lavender and Rosemary and bears the joy of the bee among fresh flowers in spring. This blend brings refreshment and ease to a cluttered mind or space. Use for calming, cleansing, and settling into your innate wisdom.

*Available as incense, candle, scented veil, and solid perfume.

Timberwolf™ Incense

Package of Timberwolf Incense leaning against bundles of the sticks on wooden table with dark background.

A majestic blend of cedar, fir, garden herbs, and citrus, Timberwolf™ beckons your voice. Leader of the pack, the spirit of the wolf is with us in times of temperance and perseverance. Clarify your passions and step into your power with this cozy Mountain Forest blend. Use for intuition, instinct, and strength.


Fae Ring™ & Night Nymph™ Perfumes

Indulge in the decadent pleasures of Taurus season and anoint your body with these sensual, scented oils.

Fae Ring™

Opened bottle of Fae Ring Scented Oil with dropper on marble countertop, dark background.

A gentle, frolicsome bouquet, Fae Ring™ bears notes of bergamot, orange, patchouli, and ylang ylang. Walk through the mystical woods between worlds and swoon to the tune of the faery dance with this sprightly blend.

Night Nymph™

Opened bottle of Night Nymph Scented Oil with dropper on marble countertop, dark background.

Sinister and seductive, Night Nymph™ bears a blend of clove, fir needle, patchouli, and rosemary. This otherworldly creature revels in the rapturous intimacy of the midnight hour. Under darkness, meet your deeper self.

*Available as solid perfumes.


Nourishing Glamor

EveryBunny™ Lip Balm

Opened tin of EveryBunny Lip Balm on white background.

Our best-selling, unscented vegan lip balm featuring fair trade organic cocoa butter and fair trade organic coconut oil. A creamy, dreamy balm for sustained hydration.


Mint-to-Be™ Lip Balm

Opened tin of Mint-to-Be Lip Balm with fresh mint and lavender on white background.

Our delightfully refreshing and naturally tingly Mint and Lavender lip balm. Bring bliss to your lips and rollick with the zesty, cooling, cruelty-free magic of Mint-to-Be™.


Oath™ Lip & Cheek Tint

Tin of Oath Lip Tint on beach, ocean in background.

A rusty, sanguine, blood-orange red tint that works as an all-over color for lips, cheeks, and eyes. Made with organic cocoa butter & pure mineral colorants for everyone.


Cappuccino™ Lip & Cheek Tint

Tin of Cappuccino Lip Tint on beach, ocean in background.

This rejuvenating tint shimmers with a deep espresso hue. Made with organic cocoa butter & pure mineral colorants for everyone.


Elegant & Clean

Frith™ Nourishing Body Soap

Bar of Frith Soap in ocean water.

A luxurious invocation of sweet, meadow sunlight, Frith™ is a replenishing Taurus season must. This cruelty-free cold processed soap is made with cocoa butter and saponified olive oil for superior hydration and creamy lather. Combined with orange, lavender, and frankincense essential oils, Kaolin clay, ground oatmeal, and chamomile flowers, this dreamy soap leaves skin feeling silky soft and soothed as a sleeping rabbit in the sun.


Facial Care Collection

Inspired by the energies of Earthly Venus, treat yourself this Taurus season with our premium, 3-step skincare collection.

Sirenium™ Facial Cleanser

Package of Sirenium soap on marble countertop with shells and soap holder, white background.

Sirenium  is made with organic, fair trade shea butter, organic coconut oil, and buckthorn and carrot extracts. It has been formulated to extract excess oils and dirt while remaining gentle and hydrating.

Veritum™ Soothing Facial Toner

Bottle of Veritum Facial Toner on marble countertop, white background, with plant and trinkets in background.
Veritum is made with aloe, lavender, and rose water to lift your spirits and calm your skin. Keep a bottle in the cooler for an all-over pick-me-up on a hot day.

Lucidum™ Reishi Facial Oil

Bottle of Lucidum Facial Oil on marble countertop, white background, with plant and trinkets in background.

Named for the miraculous Reishi mushroom, Lucidum promotes glowing, dewy skin without feeling greasy. In addition to Reishi, this facial oil is rich with anti-aging agents like sea buckthorn, nettle, and frankincense to keep your skin feeling radiant.


Home Cleaning Duo

In the spirit of spring cleaning, take care of your earthly realm with our Home-Cleaning Duo.

Canary Clean™

Package of Canary Clean Soap on tan surface with a bar of soap on dish, white background.

Trade the plastic bottles dripping with synthetic nasties for a single, earth-made and earth-friendly bar that does it all. Scented with citrus essential oils, this all-purpose soap cleans dishes, glass, and surfaces with ease. It is detergent-free, biodegradable, and completely plant-based!

Produce Wash™

Package of Produce Wash Soap on metal surface with tomatoes.

This unscented, organic, coconut-based soap works great for scrubbing off wax, microbes, soil, and residual pesticides from your delicate fruits and veggies. Removing nasties (natural or otherwise) from your produce has never been easier or more fun!


Whether you're working your body, cleansing your home, planting your feet in the soil, or bathing in the sun, we wish you the very happiest of Taurus seasons. May you find the space and energy you need in the blossoming month to ground into the strength of your character and embrace the all-natural, authentic beauty of You.

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