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Building a Bindrune Sigil for Libra Season

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Libra (September 22 - October 22)
Element: Air
Symbol: The Scales

The shift from Virgo to Libra season can be a subtle one. Both signs seem to focus on purpose and perfection, but where grounded Virgo is a practical realist, air sign Libra is a dreamy idealist. Both signs may be indecisive, but Virgo hesitates because it wants to know and understand all the information so the outcome will be as perfect and complete as possible, and Libra procrastinates because it is envisioning an impossibly perfect outcome, and feels overwhelmed by choices and the finality of making one.

This season, we’ll need to find ways to stay grounded and connected so we can take confident, decisive action when we need to! Creating and using a sigil is a tactile way to focus these kinds of intentions.

So for this very special blog, dear Sea Witches, we will be crafting a bindrune sigil: a glyph composed of carefully chosen characters from the Elder Futhark alphabet, imbued with power and intention to carry us through the season of The Scales. 

What does one do with a bindrune sigil?

Alesia the master crafter wearing our Libra season bind rune on her chest

That depends on its intended purpose, and your personal preferences!

The sigil we're building today is intended to help us harness and balance the energies of Libra season, keeping us present and engaged. By using this sigil, one calls upon Tiwaz (ᛏ) for true justice and sound judgement, Ansuz (ᚨ) for connection and communication, Isa (ᛁ) for focus and self-control, Ehwaz (ᛖ) for cooperation and strengthening interpersonal bonds, and Algiz (ᛉ) for divine protection and connection with the higher self.

You may draw this glyph wherever you wish to invoke its influence, make a talisman by carving it onto a small object to carry with you, or inscribe the shape with moon water or other consecrated fluids onto surfaces like thresholds, or even on your own body.

Five Runes for Libra

Tiwaz, Ansuz, Isa, Ehwaz and Algiz, our runes for Libra season

ᛏ Tiwaz 

Key words: Justice, Sacrifice
Tiwaz is the rune of fairness, balance, and self-sacrifice for the greater good, which makes it quintessentially Libran. The purpose of this rune's inclusion is two-fold: First, it represents the spirit of Libra itself. And, second, it calls upon its namesake, Tyr, the god of law and order in war, invoking utmost respect for what is fair and right, and acting as a call to action in the name of true justice.

We'll start our bindrune with Tiwaz, asking for sound judgment, and certain justice.

ᚨ Ansuz 

Key words: Breath, Communication, Inspiration
Ansuz is the rune of communication, of intently listening, conceptualizing, and transmitting ideas. This is the rune of the power behind giving a name to something, the power of sharing information, of honing and refining the understanding and expressing of concepts.

We include Ansuz in our bindrune for Libra in honor of the intellectual element of Air, and with the intention of fostering clear and honest communication. 

ᛁ Isa

Key words: Ice, Stasis, Focused Will
Isa is the rune of stillness, concentration, and self-control. The energy of Air signs like Libra can get chaotic and hard to direct, so we are using Isa to focus our intentions before we take action. (Scales don't give accurate results if they're not held level and still.)

With Isa included in our bindrune, we invite ourselves to temper reactivity so that we can stay mindfully and rationally engaged.

ᛖ Ehwaz

Key words: Horse, Teamwork, Partnership
Ehwaz literally means "horse". It symbolizes genuine trust and harmonious partnership between entities, something Libra highly values. This rune governs intimate partnerships as well as familial and professional bonds, and any union formed around a common goal.

We include Ehwaz in our bindrune with the intention that our most important bonds would be strengthened and deepened.

ᛉ Algiz

 Key words: Elk, Protection, Higher Consciousness
Algiz is named for the White Elk, a symbol of protection and divine blessing to the Norse. It is the rune of being in alignment with the divine, in sync with the patterns and cycles of all realms of the universe, and in connection with the higher self. It is also the rune of conquering fear.

With the addition of Algiz we are reminded of our connection to the divine, invoking the cosmic protection that comes with walking in our purpose. 

Binding the Runes

Let's put them all together, shall we?
Libra Season Bindrune over misty forest landscape
There are no hard and fast rules for how to combine runes into a sigil, but generally, redundant lines should be eliminated by overlapping. Thusly, you can see Tiwaz (ᛏ) on the left side of the glyph, sharing a vertical stroke and downward diagonal top stroke with Ansuz (ᚨ). Likewise, the V shape in Algiz (ᛉ) matches the V in Ehwaz (ᛖ), so that when they are overlaid, they appear as Ehwaz with an added central vertical line. 

Since Isa (ᛁ) could be represented by any of the vertical lines, but we want to make its inclusion intentional, I've turned it on its side and added it to the bottom of our glyph to close off the shape.

And now to seal it, I'll add a sprinkle of Norse magic:

So true as you are reading these words, so true is the protection and power of this sigil. 

Go forth and carry this gift with you, Sea Witches. May it empower you to have confidence in your judgement so you can take action for justice. May it strengthen bonds and deepen trust and understanding by bolstering clear communication. May you know your purpose, and live it out courageously. Happy Libra Season!

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Shannon Faye
Shannon Faye

Once again, thank you for your generous spirit, Sea Witches!! A beautiful sigil and excellent depiction of the combined runes. {~*~}

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