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7 Black-Owned Businesses Giving Back to the Planet

You might see a lot of lists like this during Black History Month, but Black-owned businesses need your support all year 'round! Caring about the health of the planet and the people on it means we care about how those things are related, and the fact is that environmental racism is one of the many structural elements perpetuating inequality. 

One of the ways we fight back against it, is to intentionally support those affected by it. 

These seven Black-owned businesses are all sustainability superstars, and the first four are members of 1% For The Planet, just like us. We love to see it! 

The people behind these businesses are prioritizing the health of our bodies and planet in bringing us some truly quality products, and it's exactly what we love to support! Give them a look and tuck this list away for reference. 


Jade Swim

These luxe and versatile suits by Jade Swim are “classic with an edge.” 

“I wanted to create a swimwear line that could be layered under or over clothing, and worn as traditional wear,” says owner and designer Brittany Kozerski in an interview with Forbes. “All of the one-piece swimsuits can be worn as bodysuits with jeans, or skirts. The bikini tops are popular to layer under the current sheer top trend or blazers and bomber jackets. When you’re buying a Jade swimsuit you’re really investing in a piece that can span across your closet needs.”

Kozerski’s solid colored, minimalist suits boast sustainable fabrics, conscious production, and biodegradable packaging! Plus, they really are gorgeous. 

Eco Vibe

Peace, Love and Plants!

EcoVibe is the creation of Leonard and Andrea Allen, aka "Len and Dre". It operates both as an online marketplace, and at two brick and mortar locations in NE Portland, OR, offering carefully selected goods from local makers. (That's them in the featured photo!) Len and Dre describe their business as a community focused one “that gives back to local environmental organizations through community-based events, classes and workshops.” It’s also pretty magical inside with all those plants. 


GOODEE is a Certified B Corp marketplace curated by twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart, working exclusively with companies that make a positive social or environmental impact. Value-driven GOODEE seeks out “like-minded makers and doers who are using their vision to craft a more considered world, so we can bring them to you.” Holy heck, we gotta team up!


A Baltimore-based bamboo toilet paper company with a really great sense of humor, LorTush just wants to be homies! They chose bamboo over tree paper because it's more sustainable, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides to grow! Check out their website, it’s hilarious and adorable.

...And three more eco-friendly businesses to support! 

Brother Vellies 

Owner Aurora James creates some truly exquisite shoes and handbags, and has built a business that acts with care and respect for artisans, customers, and the planet. 

They are not just making products, they say, but "making notes on culture, creating symbols, collaborating for personal freedoms and capturing moments." 

Oui The People

Single-use razors, plastic-handled razors and their replaceable heads are all taking up a lot of landfill space. If you're someone who shaves, consider a more sustainable alternative from Oui the People! They are transparent and conscientious about their ingredients and materials, and their products are classy and luxe! 

PUR Home

Angela Richardson - CEO of PUR Home

PUR Home offers eco-friendly laundry detergents and home cleaners with plant-based and biodegradable ingredients in recyclable packaging! That was a lot of good things in a row but here's one more: They are Leaping Bunny Certified, a guarantee that there was no animal testing involved at any level of creating this product. 

Bookmark these businesses! Share them! Shop them! Shout them out! 🖤 All. Year. 'Round.

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