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4 Ways to Harness Aquarius Season Magic

From around January 20th through February 18th each year, the Sun travels through the astrological sign of Aquarius: Our favorite cosmic oddity. Seeing as the Sun embodies our collective sense of self, we all have access to the effects of this transit, and things are about to get freaky!

Aquarius is represented by the Water-Bearer: A figure pouring out a jug of water. Not only does this water nourish the Earth, its cleansing waves create a fresh slate upon which to seed the future. This symbol exemplifies the Aquarian drive to share its life-sustaining knowledge, wisdom, and imagination with the world. It also depicts the sign’s growth-oriented nature. Idealistic, visionary, and looking ever-forward, Aquarius is keen to advance our ways of life.

Contrary to its water-bearing title, however, Aquarius is associated with the element of air. In the Western view, this is the element of the mind, and it shapes the sign’s intellectual side. The Aquarian mind is complex, calculating, analytical, and ravenous. This tends to characterize Aquarius as cold, detached, or distant, when really, it’s likely they’re off exploring worlds the rest of us can’t yet see.

Aquarius rules over the Star card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana. Coming just after the Tower, a moment in which seemingly our whole world combusts and comes down crashing and burning all around us, the Star arises bearing hope and inspiration for a new period of growth ahead. Aquarius challenges the status quo (the Tower). They know when something isn’t working, and will fearlessly break the rules to galvanize us toward a more optimistic and fulfilling life.

In traditional astrology (which arose before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn, whereas in modern astrology, it is ruled by the planet Uranus. Where Saturn represents our relationships with time and the process of learning, especially through hardship and sacrifice, Uranus represents rebellion, innovation, and revolution. Aquarius seeks progress. They look to a world where the collective good is considered, and will always break the rules obstructing this path in order to see their vision through.

These are the tides Aquarius sets in motion. We’ve identified four eminent ways to harness the powers of this unique astrological season, so grab your spacesuit and strap yourself in: Aquarius season is on!

Get Weird

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As the non-conforming alien of the zodiac, Aquarius is nothing short of an out-of-this-world oddity. The mainstream is over-tired. This season implores you to break your mold and embrace your weird. Coming after the rigid structures set forth by Capricorn season, Aquarius embodies a need for rebellion, for recklessly departing from constraints, and for marching confidently into the unknown by the unique beat of your very own drum. 

It’s time to get weird. Experiment with your tastes. Follow your deepest or most unexpected urges. Maybe it’s expanding your funky sense of style, or getting down to some eccentric beats; maybe it’s choosing an unconventional yet completely compelling path, or simply having the courage to be seen as your authentic, bizarre, unedited self. 

Most importantly, this is a time to have your own ridiculous fun! Aquarius accepts you in your honest entirety and wants your inner misfit to feel empowered in being exactly who you naturally are. Whatever your pleasure, Aquarius wants to see your freak flag fly!

See: Izzy Manuel on Instagram; The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin; or our Aquarius Season playlist on Spotify.

Feed Your Mind

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Photo by Ulrich Pickert on Unsplash.

Aligned to the element of air, the element of the mind, Aquarius is an undeniable wizard of knowledge. They devour information like a reef shark on the hunt. Ever-expanding and always on the move, Aquarius delights in the novelty of learning something new.

Take the opportunity this season to nurture your curiosity. What’s your niche of interest? What have you been dying to dig into? What stream of knowledge might revolutionize your world should you choose to tap into it? Now is the time to engage these pursuits and forage the world for delectable fruits. Some of the tastiest morsels often come in unexpected packages, so keep yourself open to surprise visitors or impromptu rides into the wild blue yonder.

See: Vsauce, PBS Eons,  or Journey to the Microcosmos on YouTube; or the Ologies podcast for a few of our favorite curiosity-feeding sources.

Take Action for Your Communities

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Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash.

Out of all the signs, Aquarius is the resounding humanitarian of the zodiac. Because they view progress and innovation through a much wider scope, the Water-Bearer is deeply rooted in community, and takes their revolutionary streak in stride to advocate for equitable systems of power across the board.

Which communities are you a part of? What do they need most right now? How can you take meaningful action to provide assistance? The water Aquarius bears to the world is life-giving and nourishing. This symbol teaches the significance of the individual’s role in the global ecosystem. Just as each wingbeat within a flock of geese in flight is a decision that impacts the direction of the whole, your individual voice—and how you choose to wield it—matters.

Consider the challenges currently facing people and planet alike. Whether it looks like signing petitions, contacting representatives, making donations, organizing locally, or simply educating yourself and others, Aquarius season encourages action for the greater good. We’ve compiled a few resources here to help you get started.

See: Sea Witch Resources for People & Planet; or the Intersectional Environmentalist pledge and/or toolkits for social and environmental justice.

Radically Imagine a Positive Future

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Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash.

Innovative, intelligent, and altruistically subversive, Aquarius is a born revolutionary with a mind powerful enough to radically reimagine our future. In the eyes of the Water-Bearer, taking action for one’s community does not suffice if these actions are not rooted in a vision for creating a better world. 

Aquarius invites you to tap into the magical force of your ideas. Dare to envision a world rich with community and collaboration; equitable opportunity; excitingly effective climate action; diversity of thought; safety and dignity for all people; resources to pursue unconventional dreams; anything you may desire for a positive future. Give these ideas your focus this season and ground yourself in a compassionate determination to see them come to life. 

Of course, achieving the Aquarian desire to change the world takes time, effort, and community. If you’re interested in tuning into a wellspring of inspiration for doing this work, we’ll gladly point you in the direction of the Radical Imagination podcast. They “feature changemakers and visionaries who manifest that vision of justice and fairness for all, and who help us to do the same.”

See: Radical Imagination podcast or The Joy Report podcast (particularly their episode on Radically Imagining a Better Future).

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