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Body Soap: Natural History
From $7.00 - $24.00
Body Soap: Macabre
From $7.00 - $24.00
Body Soap: Mermaids Vintage
From $7.00 - $24.00
Body Soap: Kittens
From $7.00 - $24.00
Body Soap: Orchid Envy
From $7.00 - $24.00
Body Soap: Fungi Friends
From $7.00 - $24.00

By now you may have heard about the mounting swaths of plastic in our oceans, cities, and even our bodies. We here at Sea Witch Botanicals aim to protect our health and waterways by reducing the amount of plastic that you, me, and everyone else uses.

We are a handful of people who believe in positive action. Almost every resource we have goes finding sustainable suppliers and eliminating as much single-use plastic and waste as possible. It's not easy creating animal-free, all-natural, and plastic-free products, but we're giving it our all!

If you believe in our mission of eliminating single-use plastics and synthetic ingredients from our lives, then feel free to browse our selection of soaps, candles, incense, lip balms, and lip tints. 

These plastic-free products:

  • Do not use shrink wrap
  • Have packaging made of renewable and/or biodegradable material such as glass, aluminum, or plant-based film
  • Do not consist of synthetic fragrances, phthalates, or paraffin waxes

We are open to feedback, so please let us know if you can find a way to improve our packaging. 

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