Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius by Sara Galactica-Sea Witch Botanicals

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius by Sara Galactica

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Last month I wrote about how releasing distractions was the essential work of the waning light of the full moon in Scorpio. My hope was that, by committing to that release, we’d be signaling that we were committing to the truth: The uncovering of it, the clear telling of it, the quest to understand it.

And the truth is: Black Lives Matter. As do black homes, health, jobs, families, art. Black freedom matters. Black joy matters. Black humanity matters. 

Breonna Taylor was murdered in her home by Louisville police in March. June 5th would’ve been her 27th birthday. She should be here, on this full moon, celebrating her solar return with her loved ones. Her life mattered, and she should still be here living it. 

I am a white woman, and therefore am unqualified to speak to the experiences of black people, indigenous people, and other people of color. I am, however, qualified to say that I and all white people have immense, deep work to do when it comes to our racial identity and white supremacy. 

I’d like to use the privilege of this horoscope space to present other white people with a question on this full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius: 

What beliefs and practices do you need to release to serve liberation? 

We all have beliefs and practices that need to go. We all have blind spots that need to go. We all have room for learning and awakening, no matter where we are on this learning path. Make way for that learning by releasing the old beliefs that do not serve freedom. 

Anti-racist work is holy. It is a pure expression of love. It is a powerful stand for humanity. It is an unapologetic recognition that corrupt people corrupt systems, and people who show up determined by love will uncorrupt them. 

If you are ready to commit yourself to that journey, read on. 

If you aren’t feeling ready, I urge you to ask yourself why. How many people have to die before you will?

If you feel anger or frustration or discomfort at thinking about having to do anti-racist work, I urge you to ask yourself where those feelings are coming from. Why should others have to carry this weight for you? When did you start believing you aren’t strong enough to share the load? Who taught you that you were too weak to carry this for yourself?

If you bristle at relating to the world through your whiteness, I urge you to seek the root of that resistance. Whiteness is not the default setting for being a human, and you will do no one any good if you aren’t willing to own your racial identity. Where does your resistance to understanding what it means to be white stem from? 

Here are a few actionable recommendations for those of you beginning or recommitting yourself to this work of releasing what doesn’t serve liberation: 

Find trustworthy white people who are doing the work. 

Do you have white friends who are also grappling with white supremacy? Are there virtual reading groups or affinity groups you can join? I recommend knowing other white people who you can turn to when you feel confused, scared or frustrated. Why white people specifically? Because black people continue to fight for their survival, and it is not their job to do your work for you.

But also make sure the folks you are turning to are trustworthy. It’s important to have folks who can help you process your feelings, but it’s even more important to turn to people who can hold you with loving accountability. 

Growth isn’t meant to be comfortable-- align yourself with others who won’t crumble and give up when faced with the challenges of confronting centuries of oppression.

Read, observe, and listen. 

Seek out black voices. Look for indigenous authors. Listen to people of color. Donate or support their work financially when you are able to. When you read something that makes you uncomfortable, sit with it. Learn to see your discomfort as evidence of room to grow. Thank and bless it. If you need support or have questions about how to grow through the discomfort, return to the above: Reach out to anti-racist white people first. 

If you haven’t already, read White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. Paper copies are back-ordered on many platforms, but ebooks and audiobooks are available via bookstores and libraries. There’s even a free reading guide on DiAngelo’s website. 

There are scores of reading lists floating around the internet. Get the books. Commit to reading them. You don’t have to read everything all at once, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you can do it later. You won’t. Do it now. 

I really cannot stress this enough: Do not take your shame, guilt, anger, frustration, etc... to black people, indigenous people or other people of color.

White supremacy is a system white people benefit from in overt and subtle ways every single day, and it is a privilege for us to choose this work. Non-white humans do not have that choice. Don’t add to the weight they are carrying. 

Be conscious of your motives.

Learn about allyship and understand what performative allyship looks like. Check-in with yourself. Ask another white person for help or accountability if you need it. 

Know that you’re going to mess up sometimes and release the shame that comes with the missteps. Perfection is a lie. Be willing to learn and adapt, and respond with grace when you are held accountable. Instead of justifying your mistake, try words like:

Thank you for taking the time to hold me accountable. I’m sorry. I hear you. 

I’m committed to doing better. 

Do not choose this path if you want back-pats and accolades. Do not choose this path so that you can feel morally superior to those who haven’t. Do not choose this path if you need to be coddled by the very people at the most risk. 

White people doing anti-racist work are not heroic or remarkable or special. This work is not a gift or a favor. It is our responsibility to the health of The Collective. 

Choose anti-racism because your humanity depends on it. 

Choose it because it is required if you want to be part of a society that honors all humans as valuable. Know that there are many ways to do this work. Choose it because you have the self-respect to know that you don’t want to be used as a prop for a system of death and destruction. Choose it for yourself, for your family, for your community, for your country. Choose it because the only way out is through. 

Keep going. We need you.


About the Author: Sara Galactica is a writer and tarot reader based in the Pacific Northwest. She is the creator of Tarot Ecosystems, author of The Sweet/Nothing poetry-based oracle, and co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot.

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