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Zodiac Gift Set: Taurus

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    Taurus Zodiac gift set with Hermitage scented veil. herbal renewal incense, hermitage candle, and white lodge solid perfume

    Zodiac Gift Set: Taurus Info

    A gift set just for Taurus!

    We chose a woodsy solid perfume to reflect your stalwart nature, and an indulgent scented candle and hydrosol spray veil to give you the luxurious respite you deserve! For your incense, though, Taurus, we wanted to give you a little easy breezy get-up-and-go! Light this Air-aligned incense when it’s time to be flexible, or promote some spontaneity. 

    Check out the Taurus Season blog for all the dirt on getting grounded with five simple tips for sensual sustainability this season! 

    Set Includes:

    Candle almost gone? Check out our blog for 10 ways you can re-use the jar!