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Zodiac Gift Set: Gemini

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Zodiac Gift Set: Gemini Info

A gift set just for Gemini!

You are nothing if not changeable, Gemini. This solid perfume should tip people off that they shouldn’t know what to expect! Your scented veil is fiery, sweet, and inviting, with an edge of mystery, just like you. We chose a candle for you that’s youthful, playful, and light, just like your effervescent spirit. You’ll find a bit of that, too, in the frisky top-notes of your indulgent and grounding incense, but underneath, we hope you’ll enjoy a truly safe and welcoming space, where you can be your most genuine self.

Set Includes:

  • Hermitage Incense
    • A frisky and intimate scent. 
  • Green Fairy Solid Perfume
    • A spritely, spirited experience.
  • Herbal Renewal Candle
    • A refreshing, clarifying blend of lavender and rosemary.
    • Quoth the Raven Scented Veil
      • Sultry, sensual, secretive.
    • One semiprecious stone - Sodalite
      • The perfect stone for Mercury-ruled Gemini would have to be a stone not only for communication, but also calming the inner turmoil of the mind. Sodalite will help you speak your truth, unite logic and intuition, calm the nervous system and bring information from the higher mind to the physical level. Known for encouraging self-esteem, self acceptance and self trust, sodalite can release the control mechanisms that are holding you back from who you truly are. The twins can also use sodalite to promote wisdom and harmony.

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