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Zodiac Gift Set: Cancer

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Zodiac Gift Set: Cancer Info

A gift set just for Cancer!

We chose a signature scent that’s deep and intimate for both your candle and incense. This scent hates small talk, enjoys painting, and would hold you if you cried. It’s cozy and indulgent and safe, because you deserve a safe space! Your scented veil creates an atmosphere of focus and positivity. For your perfume, we chose a Water-aligned scent pulled straight from the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, so you can wear your strong-but-sensitive Water sign proudly on your shell. I mean sleeve. 

Set Includes:

  • Hermitage Incense
    • At once sultry and playful. 
  • White Lodge Solid Perfume
    • A statement of strength and depth, straight from the PNW.
  • Hermitage Candle
    • A true escape, the same scent as our popular incense. (Jar may differ based on availability.)
    • Herbal Renewal Scented Veil
      • Uplifting, mind-sharpening, and joyful.
    • One semiprecious stone - Selenite
      • Selenite derives its name from the moon goddess Selene and embodies the element of water. Cancers can use this stone to improve intuition, self discovery and for protection. It is also the perfect stone for the overly sensitive because it can help cleanse one’s mind of negative thoughts and facilitates forgiveness. Selenite is also a good stone for the home, a cancer’s favorite place. You can use selenite to create a safe, peaceful space that no outside influence can penetrate.
        *Avoid cleansing in water

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