Photo by David Hoefler. Rock formations of the Oregon Coast, framed by conifer boughs in the foreground.

Nature Misses You - WTF Does That Mean?


One of our favorite sayings is "Nature Misses You." It sounds pretty, but what does it really mean?

There are those who would say Nature is better off without us. They'd say Nature wouldn't miss us at all. They would point to humanity's collective pillaging and destruction, our greed and our recklessness, and ultimately, they would be right.

But that's not what we mean when we say Nature Misses You.

No, Nature wouldn't miss our industries, our pollution, our myopic entitlement or our willful indifference, but there are things we think it does miss. Those blessings of a symbiosis from which we have long been estranged.

Nature misses our stewardship and cooperation. She misses reciprocation, respect, connection and appreciation.

Nature misses our love.

Snowy evergreen trees against a clear, bright blue sky.

And we may say, of course we love Nature. We seek her out, we soak her in, we stare at her in awe, we try in myriad ways to capture her in our art and stories and music! We revere her!

But that is only one facet of love, the feeling intensely of it. What Nature misses from us is the kind of love that informs your choices.

When you love something, you want the best for it. You celebrate its power, its beauty, its astounding potential, yes, and you respect its limits and boundaries. You tread lightly around its tender spots. You nurture it where it ails.

You love it in action, as a verb. You love it by making time for it, giving back to it, and factoring it into your daily decisions.

A clear, turquoise pool beneath a waterfall.

Maybe you love Nature by dedicating a percentage of your paycheck to environmental nonprofits (like Conservation Northwest!) who are doing the gritty field work. Maybe you love Nature by getting your hands dirty and cultivating the land yourself, or joining your local environmental policy group or nonprofit. (Like PNW based RESources!) Maybe you comb beaches for trash, or convince your neighbors to stop using RoundUp. Maybe you love Nature by going out of your way to get your home and body products from a business that's working Toward Zero Waste, giving 1% To The Planet, and using only compostable and recyclable packaging to ship their all-natural, synthetic-free products.

As consumers, our choices can collectively make a difference in what is offered on the shelves by major corporations, but only if we are offered those options to begin with. We believe that people everywhere should have the right to accessible earth and body friendly products, and we want to show the big guys how it's done!

Rock formations off the Oregon coast, framed by conifer boughs in the foreground.

You shouldn't have to miss out on the real blessings that Nature offers, no matter where you call home. You were meant to breathe deeply of the misty pines and cedars of the Pacific Rainforest, even if you are surrounded by skyscrapers. You deserve real rosemary and lavender for focus, real orange and cinnamon for passion, and all the benefits of what our ancestors have known for centuries.

When you're enjoying one of our creations, you deserve to know exactly what you're getting: plant-based products with zero synthetic ingredients, packaged responsibly by people who love the planet. It’s no small feat to repair a deteriorating relationship thousands of years in the making, but take a deep breath. Despite everything, Nature Misses You. 



Thanks for sharing. Definitely something that needs to be heard!


So, so poignant yet hopeful, and beautifully written!! You ARE a Peach!


Well said Peach! And truer words have never spoken.

Emily English
Emily English

Beautiful sentiment, beautifully expressed. It really resonated with me. Thank you for spreading the love <3

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