A Guide to Lip Balms & Tints

In search of beauty products that are safe for your body and tread lightly on our environment? We get it! It’s difficult to navigate the personal care industry when more brands than ever before are making sustainability claims (often unsubstantiated) in an attempt to keep up with consumer demands for clean products. 

Because we’re about transparency at Sea Witch Botanicals, here’s everything you need to know about our line of vegan lip products. 

1. How to Apply It

Simply rub the balm with your clean fingertip for sheer coverage. For a more dramatic look, scrape the tint using the back of your nail (or a lip brush) and apply to lips. When you’re finished applying to your lips, blend the residual balm into your dry hands or elbows, and the residual tint into your cheekbones for a creamy blush. It’s truly amazing how just one swipe of our tints can bring an entire outfit together.

2. How Nature Can Affect Your Product

Burgundy vegan lip tint by Sea Witch Botanicals

 We love that tins are sleek, easy-to-open containers that fit into pockets, purses, and backpacks with ease; however, there are a few ways storing your product can affect the contents. For starters, due to the plant-based butters and oils, the consistency of your balm can soften or harden with a change in temperature. If you find your balm is hard and you would like it to be creamier, then we suggest placing it in your pocket so that the heat of your body warms the contents. However, definitely remember to check your pockets before you wash your laundry! If your balm is too creamy (such can be the case if you leave it in a hot car for example) then place it in a cool dark place.

3. Zero-Waste Metal Tins

You may be like us and find that the biggest issue with buying cosmetics is filling the oceans and environment with plastic waste. This dilemma is addressed in our mission statement to protect the waterways and is our reason for choosing reusable & recyclable tins over disposable plastic tubes. Plus, we love that one minimal metal tin maximizes two beauty staples- lipstick and blush. And best of all, when you’re out of product you can wash the tin and repurpose it or simply recycle. Read more about our packaging decision in this blog post.

4. Always Fair Trade & Vegan

When making our lip balms and tints, plant-based ingredients and fair trade certified butters are standards we will never compromise on. Our entire product line is certified vegan by the Vegan Awareness Foundation which means none of the ingredients we use to create our products have been tested on animals or have any animal derivatives. This is important to us because we are committed to lessening our impact on the animal agriculture industry.

By supporting fair trade, we are increasing the demand for improved environmental practices, better wages, and increased access to education for the wonderful people who bring us these natural treasures. We will always pay a premium for fair trade certified ingredients because it affects the livelihoods and empowerment of the farmers and workers involved in the harvesting of the butters we use in our products. Read more about our support of fair trade here.

5. Why Our Product is Superior 

With so many lip products on the market, it can be hard to find ones that work best with your body. You may find that some dry out your lips over time- this can be attributed to many brands sourcing petroleum derivatives (plastic) as cheap fillers for their products. Some of these plastics are bio accumulators, not only building up in your body and the environment but passed down through an average of four generations through reproductive cells. What we put on our bodies truly affects generations to come, so there is no better time to make a switch to a healthier alternative than right now! Our balms and tints have a simple, plant-based ingredient list, third-party certifications relaying our commitment to people and planet, and can be metabolized by your body. These are all important features of any product you put onto your skin. 

Our line-up of balms & tints:

Everyday Colorless Balms

We offer three colorless balms that provide moisture and a pick me up. 

  • Vegan lip balm is our everyday go-to. Due to the cocoa butter you’ll pick up on a light chocolate scent- which is true of all of our balms and tints. 
  •  Mint to Be lip balm features peppermint and lavender essential oils in addition to our base of creamy butters and oils. This is an absolute favorite of ours due to the aromatherapeutic qualities of this EO blend. Talk about invigorating!
  • Green Fairy lip balm has it’s cult following of star anise lovers! The sweet aroma of black licorice is a nice addition to our base lip balm any day. 

Plant-Powered Lip & Cheek Tints

Our lip and cheek tint colors are derived from oxides and micas. The oxides we use are nature identical, meaning they are made in a lab the same way nature makes them but without danger of heavy metal contamination. Our micas are made from natural sericite that is cut like a diamond to reflect and reflect light, then rolled into the oxides. 

Matte Magenta brightens gloomy days.

Our eleven tints range from matte to shimmer finishes, and more colors are always in research and development. 

Most recently we launched our Gemstone collection: amethyst, malachite, and onyx. See the amazing Mom Raven review that line here.

Not sure which color to start with? We suggest one of our top sellers-  like Merlot or Pearl Rose

Have a question we didn’t answer regarding our balms and tints? Leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you!

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Hi! I love all these colors and how healthy they are for us AND the planet! I was wondering if the mica is non-nano?

annie September 12, 2020

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