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Five Plants For Aries Season Magic

And just like that, Aries season is off like a rocket with nary a wobble. This little baby Ram wastes no time, because THERE IS LIFE TO LIVE, SEA WITCHES! As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is all about newness and potential, action and enthusiasm. It’s a fire sign, and that means passion and physicality! It’s time to get back into our bodies after dreamy Pisces season, so we’re here to tell you about our favorite plants for snapping back into it and hitting the ground running.

To harness the force of the morning sun this season, bring these plants into your routine. Utilize them individually, or bring them together with black tea in the recipe at the end of this blog to make a spicy Aries Season Breakfast Blend that stokes the fire inside!

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The Best Plants For Aries Season


Rose Hips for physical health and willpower

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Aries loves a physical challenge, and rose hips offer a physical boost! The fresh fruit is a good source of iron and vitamin C, and makes a zesty jam or tea. It’s one of those ancient cure-alls, used for everything from arthritis to diabetes, although, unfortunately little research has been done to confirm most medicinal claims. 

Those little red bellies full of seeds are a symbol of fertility and prosperity, so carry them for luck, or to attract wealth and positivity. You can even thread the dried bulbs together like a string of beads to wear or carry for bolstering physical and spiritual fortitude. 

If you’re following along to make the Aries Season Breakfast Blend, you’ll need 1/4 cup of dried, crushed rose hips.

Calendula for novelty and potential

Photo by Yoksel Zok

Also known as pot marigold, Calendula is associated with the Sun, its warmth and energy, and the hopeful newness of each day. Its vibrant petals form the classic “he loves me, he loves me not” blossom, spread out like rays of sunshine, or possible futures to be plucked.

It’s a hearty flower, able to thrive in various conditions with little tending, which makes it a fitting symbol for the power and potential of Aries season.

Edible raw, the petals can be added to soups and salads, steeped into tea, or even used as a saffron color dupe! If you’re making Aries Breakfast Tea, you’ll want1/2 cup dried Calendula petals.

Heather for positivity and protection

Photo by Annie Spratt

Aries is an optimist. This season wants you to think positive, and lean hard into enthusiasm for the things you’re passionate about. Aries wants you to be brave! That’s easier said than done for a lot of us, so go ahead and ask Heather to help you keep your chin up. 

Burn heather to promote abundance. Keep it around the house to attract friendly spirits and good fortune, or carry it with you for positivity and protection. It’s also a diuretic, and makes a detoxifying tea, as well as a soothing additive to topical oils and balms. 

If you’re making Aries Tea, you’ll want ¼ cup dried Heather blossoms.

Rosemary for focus and clarity

The Ram is all about focused forward motion. Head down, horns first, aim true. Distractions abound, but Aries blazes forward, and that’s the energy we want to harness with Rosemary. 

Considered a cognitive stimulant, Rosemary can help with alertness, focus, and memory retention. It’s also been accused of improving circulation and boosting immune response, as well as improving moods and relieving stress! 

You likely already cook or garnish with Rosemary, but you can benefit from these properties just by smelling it! (May we recommend our lavender and rosemary Herbal Renewal incense?) 

For the Aries Breakfast Tea, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of dried Rosemary.

Ginger for success and power

The fire of the forge strips away impurities and leaves only what is strongest, so fear not the burn, Sea Witches. Aries Season might challenge you, but it's only to help you discover your power.

Ginger is a bold and spicy rhizome, another age-old "cure-all" with some real medicinal properties. It's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and may even improve heart disease risk factors. Not to mention, it's a tried and true nausea-fighter. 

Ginger is associated with Mars, the planet of passion and action, and the same planet that rules Fire sign Aries. Eat or drink ginger to help to settle nerves and embolden you with the force of the warring planet.

For Aries Breakfast Tea, you'll need ¼ cup of dried, ground ginger root.

Be bold, and go forth!

Now is the time to step into your own power, Sea Witches. Now is the time to own your strength with confidence, like the fearless Ram and the unblinking Sun. Have courage, Sea Witches, for you are capable and worthy. Now wake up and go take on the world.

Aries Season Breakfast Tea Blend Recipe

1 cup Black Tea of choice (Assam recommended)

1/2 cup dried, crushed Rose Hips

 1/2 cup dried Calendula petals

¼ cup dried Heather blossoms (red clover also works!)

¼ cup dried, ground Ginger

2 tbsp dried Rosemary

Add half a tablespoon of this blend to your infuser and steep in 8oz of hot water for four minutes, remembering what you want each of these plants to do for you. Remember with these plants that you are inviting for yourself physical health and willpower (rose hips), novelty and potential (calendula), positivity and protection (heather), focus and clarity (rosemary), and success and power (ginger). Sip in the light of the morning sun, and trust that the day is bursting with possibility. 

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