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Vegan Lotion: Kannabis - Hemp Seed

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Grand societies have been build on the shoulders of hemp, as it rightly should be! Here at Sea Witch Botanicals we have a certain affinity to the miracle plant that is Hemp. This versatile plant can be used as food, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, fuel, and acts as a wonderful addition to any skin care product. As you apply this lotion you will notice the subtle smell of  the earthy plant mixed with the homey aroma of natural cocoa butters. Gently rub this lotion into your skin, and feel the gentle relief as the hemp oil replenishes your epidermis from moisture loss. Everyday science finds more and more ways, in which hemp can enrich our lives. So go ahead, and start your journey to an enriched 'You' today, with Kánnabis* Body lotion. Your skin will thank you.

I hand-craft this lotion in small batches to bring you the perfect consistency and control. This product is completely free of synthetic fragrances, petroleum, phthalates, and parabens. I personally use this lotion on a regular basis, and love the results I see in my skin.
This lotion is a head-to-toe concoction so feel free to apply it anywhere you like (except internally, but you know that). I find it to be a perfectly thick and creamy texture for problem areas such as elbows, feet, and hands. However, you deserve a treat so go ahead and cover head-to-toe.

This listing is for one 4 oz. or one 8 oz. bottle of soothing lotion.

Your lotion will come to you in a glass amber bottle with pump (perfect for home or salon use). I take great care to ensure all ingredients are fresh, pure and ethically harvested. Due to the delicate nature of my plant-based products, I recommend using them for up to a year after delivery. Once a year has gone by the plant matter in your product will start to decrease in benefits.

This product has not been tested by the FDA and is not intended to cure any illness, however a lot of research and testing has been done to ensure you receive a well thought out, and top-of the line product. If it's not good enough for me, it is not good enough for you!

INCI: distilled water, aloe vera, organic hemp seed oil,cocoa butter, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, leucidal (radish based preservative)
*Does not contain CBD or THC

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