Spring Cleaning Gift Bundle

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It's time for Spring Cleaning!

The sun has returned, illuminating all the cobwebby corners, tucked-away messes, and built-up grime from the Winter. We know sometimes the deep clean can feel like a drag, so we bundled our favorite Spring Cleaning goodies for you and marked them 20% off! Rejoice!

Purify the air and set clarifying intentions with stimulating pine and fir White Lodge Incense, then roll up your sleeves! Use your hand-woven sage dish cloth by local artist Katy Tolles to lather up some Canary Clean and get to work on those dishes. When you're done, you can keep using Canary Clean to make all your surfaces shine! Don't stop there, though. You've got the ultimate Spring spritzer in your hands with our lavender and rosemary Herbal Renewal Scented Veil! Use it on your pillows, your curtains, your bath towels, or your body for a dose of good cheer. 

Bonus! Get your fresh fruits and veggies squeaky clean with our clay-based Produce Wash bar. Gently wash away pesticides, waxes, and germs so you know you're only putting the good stuff in your body!

Set includes:


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