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Woodland Salve - A Healing Folk Remedy


25g tin

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Our Woodland Salve is a folk remedy for scrapes, dry skin, and tattoos. It contains wild-harvested pine sap, a combination of essential oils, and fair-trade butters.It comes in a convenient, reusable tin that is easy to open with your palms (which is great for tired hands). This tin easily fits into any pocket, purse, or backpack. 
I personally use this salve:

  • In the healing process of my ear gauging, I adore the results! Not only is this a great petroleum-free lubricant for the process, it contains many healing, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial ingredients.
  • All-natural tattoo maintenance to keep your wicked ink glowing.
  • To cool itching from bug bites.
  • To assist in the healing process of minor cuts and abrasions due to being a bad-ass.
  • Soothing dry, cracked skin of knuckles, elbows, and cuticles. 


Ingredients: fair trade organic cocoa (theobroma cacao) butter, wild-harvested pine (pinus spp.) sap, non-gmo rice (oryza sativa) bran oil, candelilla (euphorbia antisyphilitica) wax, essential oil blend (lavender (lavandula), rosemary(rosmarinus officinalis), pink grapefruit (citrus paradisi))

Sea Witch Botanicals' Woodland Salve is completely free of synthetic fragrances, petroleum, phthalates, and parabens! I take great care to ensure all ingredients are fresh, pure and ethically harvested. Due to the delicate nature of my plant-based products, I recommend using them within 1 year after delivery, as the plant matter in your product will start to decrease in benefits.

All-Natural – No Phthalates – No Parabens – No Petroleum – No Synthetic Fragrances

*This product has not been tested by the FDA and is not intended to cure any illness. Do not apply on open wounds. Consult your doctor before use and be aware of allergens in the ingredients list. 

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