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Bulk Incense Gift Set

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    Bulk Incense Gift Set Info

    The ultimate gift for incense lovers (and covens)

    This set includes a 50-pack of each of our five core signature incense scents, making it the perfect gift for anyone who likes to burn a stick at least once a day, or for groups who want to share!

    Save $10 when you get the whole collection in bulk: that's 250 sticks at just .36 each!

    You'll receive a recyclable envelope of 50 bamboo incense sticks in each of the following signature blends:

    • Herbal Renewal - Rosemary and lavender is the witch's OTP: calming, uplifting, and classic.
    • Hermitage - Lavender, patchouli, pink grapefruit, and orange come together to wrap you in a cozy nature sanctuary. 
    • Quoth the Raven - Orange, cinnamon, and clove smolder like the last embers in the hearth.
    • Green Fairy - Starring the devilishly playful aroma of star anise and nothing else, because she's one of a kind. 
    • White Lodge - Fir needle, cedarwood atlas, and the essence of Pacific Rainforest mist. 

    All of our products are free of synthetics and Certified Vegan! Breathe plants, not plastic!

    Don't really need two hundred and fifty incense sticks?? Check out the standard 25-pack Incense Gift Set, or shop individual incense products here

    Stick incense burning on a coffee table

    Low Smoke, No Synthetics

    Our charcoal incense produces less smoke than other incense, for a gentler experience and more pure aroma from our essential oil infusions. The scent lingers, but doesn't overstay its welcome.

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