Wolfenoot Weekend Sale

Everyone has Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, but who's rad enough to host a Wolfenoot sale?? After years of boycotting a Black Friday sale for our business, we finally have a reason to celebrate the biggest sales weekend in the US: Wolfenoot! (also we love keeping our employees happy and paid). So celebrate Wolfenoot with us, save on select snootboops, and get some free goodies for yourself to boot!

 What is Wolfenoot?

Wolfenoot, originated in New Zealand,  is a holiday invented by Jax Goss' seven-year-old son. “The Spirit of the Wolf brings and hides small gifts around the house for everyone. People who have, have had or are kind to dogs get better gifts than anyone else." The fact that his mom is so supportive and it's such a rad holiday, we are celebrating Wolfenoot here at Sea Witch Botanicals!

When is Wolfenoot? 

Wolfenoot is on Nov. 23rd, but is independent of Thanksgiving. It's super-cute!

What are Snootboops? 

I like to think of "Snootboops" as little trinkets and treasures of love, like a little boop/kiss from a wet snout. In any case, it's cute!

Are you donating to a wolf-related cause? 

We will donate 1% of sales to Conservation Northwest for the month of December. Yay!


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