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Sea Witch Botanicals Supports Charities

We started this business with a mission to make a difference in how people viewed their relationships to their body and the environment. Our mantra of "What goes on your skin gets into your body" is what drives us to use quality all-natural ingredients in our home and body products. Environment advocacy is core to who we are, which is why we will continue to donate to these and other charities.

Being a small family business, we can't spare a lot, but we hope that this encourages our customers to think critically about how their actions are building a better tomorrow for generations to come.


Your purchase of Sea Witch Botanicals goes to support the following charities

Sea Witch Botanicals donates to the Environmental Working Group Sea Witch Botanicals donates to Conservation Northwest Sea Witch Botanicals donates to Earthjustice
EWG - The Environmental Working Group
The EWG is our first stop when understanding the chemicals found in foods and cosmetics. You know those ingredients in shampoo that most people cannot pronounce, such as isobutylparaben? Well, EWG's Skin Deep database has easy-to-understand resources to help you understand what's going into your body and environment. Moreover, they advocate for transparency in chemical compounds introduced in our day-to-day lives.
Read more about EWG on Charity Navigator.
Conservation Northwest
A Bellingham-local environmental advocacy group, Conservation Northwest supports keeping the wilds wild and works with other agencies to ensure sustainable practices near conservation sites.
Read more about Conservation Northwest on Charity Navigator
"Because the Earth Needs a Good Lawyer" rings true with Earthjustice. This group takes on government agencies and corporations who tread on environmental laws and strengthens laws in the interest in the environment. If we have any hope in protecting our environment from greed and destruction, it's in the hands of the legal system.
Read more about Earthjustice on Charity Navigator.



 Sea Witch Botanicals donates a portion of our profits to charitable organizations.


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