Every year on August 1st at Sea Witch Botanicals, we celebrate Founder's Day in honor of the multi-faceted woman who started it all... our Founder & Master Crafter, Alesia Hall! The tradition started because Alesia always retreats to nature on her birthday, hence the decision to close up shop and give the entire team the day to do the same!

Here is Alesia's 2020 List of her Top 5 Favorite Products. With the purchase of any of these 5 products, we are offering a free Vegan Lip Balm as a gift from us to you! 

Nature Misses You, Sea Witches! 

You are what you breathe

We use essential oils and botanical extracts in all of our incense, candles, and perfumes. Many competitors include sneaky petroleum-derived fragrance oils in their products. Do you know the difference?

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