Scented Veil: Green Fairy


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      Spirit Element Aligned Made with Essential Oils Certified Vegan

      Dance with the Green Fairy in this delectable, sweet scent of star anise. Due to its rich aroma and taste, star anise was used in the production of absinthe to make the bitter taste of wormwood more palatable. Moreover, this spice has been used in cooking across the world and is known for its relaxing effect. 


      This scented veil is a wonderful unisex perfume/cologne, but can also be used as a room and linen spray, or maybe you just need a little pick-me-up now and then. You can layer this scent with one of our other scented veils or oils. 


      This 4oz glass bottle is lovely addition to your self-care staples. The atomizer allows for a fine mist of this perfume. 


      Ingredients: witch hazel, star anise essential oil*


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